Preparing For Your First Meeting With A Vaccine Injury Attorney

It is easy to understand how overwhelming it can be to realize you may have been injured by a vaccine. We trust vaccines to protect us against deadly diseases and infections. But, there is always a chance for an adverse reaction or side effect to harm us or someone we love.

When that happens and a serious injury is caused by a vaccine, you deserve help that can secure the full compensation your injuries call for. Choosing the right attorney is the first step in building a strong case. But, the next step you need to take is gathering the necessary information for an effective case.

Some of the most important information you can bring to your first meeting with a vaccine injury lawyer includes medical records such as:

  • Exact vaccine type
  • Lot number of vaccine
  • Name of vaccine manufacturer
  • When the vaccine was administered
  • Medical records going back three years from the time the vaccine was administered
  • Medical records going forward from the time the vaccine was administered

What Will The Government Be Looking For?

The government will be looking for any alternative causes that may have caused your adverse reaction and resulting symptoms. It must be proven that the vaccine was the "cause-in-fact" of your adverse reaction and resulting symptoms. The statute of limitations in non-death cases is three years. In non-death cases, symptoms must persist for at least six months from onset or surgical intervention must occur. The statute of limitations is two years in death cases. Having your complete medical records at hand will allow Gil Daley to eliminate any possible alternative causes. It will also allow Gil Daley to prepare a rebuttal to any government assertion of an alternative cause.

What Are The Steps In Pursuing Compensation For A Vaccine Injury?

Steps include:

  • Filing a VAERS report — Reporting the adverse reaction to the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). There is an online form that we can help you fill out.
  • Filing a claim in the Court of Federal Claims — A Special Master will be assigned to make the determination whether to award compensation or not in your case.
  • Initial trial/hearing to determine causation — The initial trial/hearing is to determine whether or not the vaccine caused your injury. This trial/hearing only occurs if the Department of Health and Human Services rejects your claim that a vaccine caused your injury.
  • Second trial/hearing to determine damages — The second trial/hearing is to determine the damages you have suffered and what compensation is appropriate.

A Record Of Success In Helping People In Need

At The Law Office of Gil L. Daley, II, PC, we offer those injured by vaccines highly effective advocacy that is backed by 20 years of experience. Attorney Gil Daley has built a record of successfully helping people that includes securing millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

To learn more about how we have been able to help people, review our testimonials.

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