Accountability For Your Loss

Suffering the loss of a loved one in an unexpected manner is the most difficult experience anyone can go through. We know that. That is why we work hard to provide the support to people that they need.

Gil L. Daley, II fights for his clients against multi-national law firms and companies and the United States Department of Justice every day. Backed by thousands of satisfied clients and countless successful cases on both sides of the docket over his over 20 years of practice, The Law Office of Gil L. Daley, II, P.C. is a trusted law firm. The firm advocates for the clients, speaking up for thise who cannot speak up for themselves. We know the struggles of people we represent, and we commit our every effort to help those who struggle in every way possible.

We work hard to discover who you, your family, and loved ones are so we can tell your story effectively to a jury. We are committed to delivering the highest quality legal representation. You can rely on the firm's experience with confidence. The Law Office of Gil L. Daley, II, P.C. can help you fight to recover the full amount of damages you may be entitled to in a settlement or jury award.

We can help you begin to take legal action to create accountability and to secure meaningful compensation.

Taking The Weight Off Your Shoulders

At such a difficult time, pursuing legal action may be the last thing anyone wants. But, it is important to begin building a strong case as soon as possible. Evidence often becomes much harder to locate as time passes. Eyewitnesses move away. A vehicle that contains crucial evidence may be scrapped.

We understand, though, how hard it is, so we do everything we can to take that weight off your shoulders. We want to give you the space and peace of mind to know that everything that needs to be taken care of is so that you can focus on your family and loved ones.

We offer assistance with all types of fatal events, including:

  • Car collisions
  • Truck and 18 wheeler collisions
  • Medical, dental, hospital and nursing home malpractice
  • Dangerous and defective products

Fatal Vaccine Injuries

Vaccines can have fatal side effects in certain circumstances. Losing a loved one to something as seemingly routine as receiving a vaccine may seem unthinkable until it happens.

The unfortunate reality after suffering such a loss is that you need to begin taking action to ensure that there is some accountability for your loss. We can help you take action through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and/or by suing the manufacturers of the vaccines. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively advocate for you in that program.

A Record Of Success In Helping People In Need

At The Law Office of Gil L. Daley, II, PC, we are here to provide our clients with the full support and strong advocacy they can rely on when they are facing the toughest times. We offer compassionate and highly effective representation that can help you secure the best possible outcome to your case.

Attorney Gil Daley has been fighting for his clients for 20 years. He uses that experience to truly help people. His record of success includes having secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements over the years. Let Gil Daley fight for the compensation and accountability you need.

To learn more about how we have been able to help people, review our testimonials.

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